HZ208 Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Product Code : HZ208
This Ultra Violet (UV) sterilizer will sterilize cutting instruments, brushes, combs, implements, shears, small articles such as glass, metal vessels, plastic instruments, dry towels, etc.
- 2 metal racks
- Transparent door, Side-way opening
- Equipped with Philips brand UltraViolet (TUV) light bulb
- Irradiation of about 20 - 30mins is sufficient depending on size of instruments
- Items inside will remain sterilized as long as door is closed (already sterilized items can be stored inside as well)
- Irradiation will stop when door is opened and will continue when door is closed
Dimensions: L36.2cm x W21.5cm x H24cm
Note: Electric Cable plug on the right protruding 5cm (Overall Width 26.5cm)
Nett Weight: 4.2kg
Rated Voltage: 220 - 240V
Rated Power: 15W
Frequency: 60Hz