Re-Upholstery Services

Re-upholstery Services

We provide Re-upholstery services for the following types of furniture and cushions:

  • HairStyling Chairs, Barber Chairs, Make-up Chairs, Reclining Chairs 
  • Spa Tables, Massage Beds, Facial Beds, Accupuncture Beds, Accupressure Beds
  • Foot Reflexology Chairs, Portable Back Massage Chairs
  • Hair Salon stools, Make-up stools, Massage stools, Facial stools, Pedi / Manicure stools
  • Waiting Chairs, Waiting Benches
  • Foam Cushions for Leg support, Back support, Face support, etc


a. Basic Re-upholstery: 
  • it includes the replacement of synthetic (PVC) Vinyl leather
  • a wide range of Vinyl Colour Tones are available to choose from


b. Advance Re-upholstery:
  • it includes the replacement of Foam and Vinyl leather
  • different density of foams are available (Standard or similar density foam will be provided if preference not indicated)


c. Prices:
  • prices vary for different types of furniture depending on the amount of vinyl leather and foam required, and also the complexity of re-upholstery.
  • loan service of hairstyling chair, barber chair, massage bed is available when requested. There will be a minimal fee to be charged for each chair or bed on loan, and loan period will be as long as the chair or bed is being re-upholstered.  
  • the lead time for reupholstery will depends on the quantity and complexity of furniture.
  • please check with our sales staff for the price. Provision of photos, dimensions and quantity of the furniture will be much appreciated for us to access the price.
  • do drop us an Enquiry or call us at 6482 4781 to find out more or even send us a Whatsapp message at 6482 3645.



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